Carrot ad almond cake

Carrot ad almond cake

Almonds and carrots, a match made in heaven. I have prepared tons of versions of this classic cake, it’s my hobby horse kind of, because for quite a long time I have prepared it over and over again. I kept on eating it, god knows why.
My rabbit time is now over, but from time to time I indulge in baking one of the hundreds of versions of the carrot and almond cake.
Recently I baked many sorts, but I lacked the gluten free and dairy free version.
Sooner said than done, here’s this particular type which you can of course also prepare with plain flour, if you have no problems with food intolerances. It is a very light cake altogether, because it has no dairy, so no butter of course.
But then, apart from keeping in good shape, you’ll get a 20/20 visus!

250 gr carrots (already peeled)
180 gr caster sugar
180 gr gluten free flour mix
70 gr di almonds (you can also use almond flour, but I prefer to feel it under my teeth)
50 gr potato starch (please make sure it’s gluten free)
90 gr sunflower oil (or any oil with a mild flavour)
2 medium range eggs
8 gr baking powder
Grated lemon zest (half)
One pack vanillin

Peel and wash your carrtos. Cut them into small pieces and put them into the food processor with the oil, and blend it until you get a coarse carrot puree.
Set aside.
Grind the almonds in the food processor too, and set aside this one too.
Mix together in a bowl the gluten free flour, the baking powder, the potato starch and the vanillin.

Beat the eggs with the sugar in a large bowl with the mixer until they’re pale and fluffy. Then pour in the lemon peel, the carrot puree and the grounded almonds.
Stir well.

Then add little by little the dry ingredients (sift them first).

You can mix them with the electric mixer, but use a very low speed.

Pour the batter into a 22 cm baking tray, and line it with parchment paper first .

Bake at 180 degrees for thirty minutes.

Let it cool before taking the cake out of the tray.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar, if you want, before serving.
It’s perfect for breakfast, teatime, or whenever you crave for something light and sweet.

Vegan muffins with carrots and nuts

Vegan muffins with carrots and nuts

Yesterday was World Vegan Day, so I thought to celebrate it with those who embraced this lifestyle I am so curious about.
Last Tuesday I had a delicious vegan dinner prepared by Chiara Canzian, a young and talented vegan and vegetarian chef, to whom I promised (well I threatened her for what matters) to steal a few of her recipies. So I think the day is just the one to start this stealing.
You may want to visit her blog
This recipe is not on her blog yet, you can find it on the book she wrote with her dad Red Canzian (he’s the bass player of the most famous and longlasting Italian pop group), called “Sano Vegano Italiano” (ed. Rizzoli). I write it down here for you, in her version (as I made some small adjustments, as I always do)
300 gr wholemeal flour
200 gr brown sugar
200 gr soy milk (I used Almond milk)
8 gr cream of tartar
8 gr baking soda
150 gr nuts (weight them without shell)
150 gr carrots
80 gr sunflower oil
a pinch of cinammon
As first thing, mince the carrots and the nuts in a blender (the carrots must be cleaned beforehand).
Then take a bowl and whisk together oil, milk and sugar.
In another bowl mix the baking powders and the cinammon with the flour.
Then start pouring little by little the mixture of liquids into the flour, and whisk it well to avoid lumps. After you have incorporated the entire liquids, mix the carrots and nuts, and whisk everything until the dough is smooth and without lumps.
Put the dough into the fluted baking cases and then bake them into a ventilated oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.
Once they’ve cooled dowm, sprinkle some icing sugar.
Tasty and easy to make!