Persimmons tart

Persimmons tart

I love the shades of orange and red that the Autumn season offers us. It’s such an underrated season, but it is quite romantic and fascinating to me.
As leaves turn from the summer green to the darker shades of Yellow, and on to the most vivid reds, fruits and vegetables too brighten up with the same colourings. Pumpkins, persimmons, pomegranates… a feast of colopurs!
Altough this year is offering us an unusually lung summer, I’d love to celebrate the beginning of the autumn season with a delicate and savoury tart, all in the colors of the season.
So here it is my persimmons and almonds tart, without any shade of butter in it.
It is so easy to take, and success is guaranteed! In the picture you’ll see a rectangular baking tray (a new entry in my kitchen!) but you can use anything you like. The ingredients of this shortcrust patry is enough for a round tray of 26 cm diameter:
1 egg
70 gr sugar
60 gr vegetable oil (I used sunflower oil, but any will do)
220 gr flour
half teaspoon of baking powder
Put all ingredients together in a bowl and mix them with your hands (it’s creepy at the beginning, but it’s going to be fun!). as soon as the dole starts getting more solid, move it to a pasdry board and knead it until the dole gets solid.
Roll the dough out in the size of your baking tray, and then but the dough in the tray, and perforate the bottom with a fork. You can move on to the filling, and for this you need:
2/3 persimmons (ripe)
the zest of a lemon (organic)
1 pinch of cinammon
Flaked almonds
Icing sugar to decorate
Peel the persimmons and then squash them into a bowl with the help of a fork.Then add the cinammon and the lemon zest, and mix it all together.
Put the mixture onto the crust and level it.
Sprinkle with almons and then put it into the oven at 180 degrees foir average 25 mninutes (check your oven Always, any one has a different behavour).
One it cooled down, put some icing sugar on it and taste it with a good cup of tea. It is delicious!

Canestrelli cookies

Canestrelli cookies

Canestrelli are typical Italian cookies from Piedmont and Liguria. They are usually shaped like little flowers, all covered with icing sugar and among cookies they are one of my favourites. Super sweet and buttery flavoured, they warm up these first Autumn days!
I had an egg yolk left from a previous recipe, and as I hate throwing food away I used it for this delicious treat. It’s going to be super easy, believe me. Are you ready to start?

The ingredients are
150 gr. Flour
100 gr. Potato starch
70 gr. Icing sugar + 2/3 tablespoons for the final dusting
3 boiled egg yolks
Zest of one lemon
Vanilla beans

Forst of all, let’s boil the eggs (eight minutes will do) and once they’re cooled down take the boiled yolks and crumble them (you may sift them, or use a grater like I did). Put in your food processor flour, sugar and the zest, and the sifted yolks too and give it a good stir with the processor. After that, put into the food processor also the butter straight from the fridge (divide it in bits) and mix that all too – not too long, the mixture must look crumbly. Then put it onto a pastry board (or a clean table) and start kneading the dough. With the warmth of your hands the dough will get smooth. For a sort of pat and put it in the fridge covered with food film for about half an hour.
Take then the dough from the fridge, put it on the board and roll it with a rolling pin, it must be at least 1 centimetre thick.  Take a flower-shaped cookie cutter and form your cookies (for the central whole I used the tip of a cannoli cutter, but you can also use the tip of a nozzle of a pastry bag).
Put the cookies on a tray and then into the oven preheated at 160 degrees. Cook for about 15 minutes.
Let them cool down and then dust them with icing sugar.

Try the recipe and then share with me your thoughts about it!

Wholemeal flour and honey cookies

Wholemeal flour and honey cookies

I often happen to open a jar of honey, during the winter months especially to cure hoarseness and sore throat. Then I leave them open for weeks, even months, and I always end up throwing it all away. 

As I loathe throwing the food in the bin, with the remains of a jar of honey and of the  wholemeal flour I used to bake the cinnamon bread (you will find the pic on my Instagram account, I will in short post the recipe too in this blog), I bake these delicious cookies with honey, perfect for tea and for the first autumn mornings. They’re awfully simple too. 

90 gr of honey 

45 ml of oil (I used sunflower oil) 

1 egg 

250 gr of wholemeal flour 

1 teaspoon of baking powder 

50 gr of candied orange peel (if you can’t find it, the peel of one orange will do) 

Mix in a bowl the egg with the honey and the oil. When these ingredients are all mixed, add the flour and the baking powder little by little (we want to avoid unpleasant lumps). Last but not least the peel. Mix everything together until you get a homogeneous and soft consistency. 

Form little balls from dough and put them on a baking tray, covered with greaseproof paper. Before putting them in the oven, slightly press the dough balls with the palm of your hand. You may want to decorate them – anything you like. I just pressed the prongs of a fork to draw a stylized ear (not such a work of art!). 

Put in the oven at 160 degrees for 16 minutes and serve them only at room temperature.